Evolynx is an expert in business process modeling. We use the BPMN 2.0 notation. The advantage of using a standard notation, is that both your internal communication as your communication with external parties (e.g. IT implementation partner) will become much more efficient. A picture of a process says so much more than a process description in words, moreover, the symbols we use in our models mean exactly the same for every reader, because it's a standard! How do we get started?

If you already have some documentation on your current business processes, we'll be happy to start from that. To this documentation, we always add the input we receive from the experts of the core processes of your company. We make sure there is a framework, where the different business processes are linked to getter. We used dedicated modeling software for modeling your business processes, because that's the most efficient and brings the biggest added value. This exercise that we'll do within your company, is not and should not be a one-off practice. We like to help you to set up a process-oriented organisation, to introduce new roles and responsibilities for process owners. Every business process needs to be monitored, its performance needs to be analysed and optimized wherever and whenever it's needed. We organize in-house training so your people learn the competencies they need to execute their role as process owner in a very professional way.